Student Workshops


Workshops are face-to-face training sessions, where we aim to be interactive and to provide a chance to apply the skills you have just learnt whenever possible. Some workshops require you to do some self-studying before or after the session. These pre and/or post workshop activities are meant to ensure a deeper learning experience so it is important to complete them.

Study Skills

SDW111: Takeoff: Practical Tips for Learning

Need a refresher after a break from your studies? Want to know how to best navigate the academic landscape of SUSS? Take Off is the workshop just for you!

In this workshop, you will learn practical tips and strategies to manage your time and workload as well as to effectively engage with learning resources. These strategies and tips were carefully crafted based on findings from the Student Learning Needs Analysis conducted by researchers at SUSS. Rest assured, you will be able to apply these strategies to maximise your everyday learning at SUSS.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: New students

SDW113: Visual Mapping for Effective Learning

There is research indicating that visual cues help us to better retrieve and remember information. Visual Mapping is proven to be an extremely effective creative learning tool utilised by many students. It is a visual information management tool that helps to transform ideas and concepts into organised visuals to evoke a deeper understanding of concepts. Additionally, the process of visual mapping helps you to generate new perspectives in viewing information in addition to enhancing your visual memory leading to long term memory.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create, process, conceptualise and synthesise information visually. In doing so, you will also strengthen your memory, critical thinking skills and sense of creativity. As visual content is ubiquitous in today’s digital era, you will also be introduced to current apps to enhance efficiency in your personal visual mapping process. Linear static information will be transformed into connected dynamic visual maps using pen and paper as well as digitally. Join us at this workshop and hone your visual mapping skills today!

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: All Students

SDW119: Critical Reading

Through this course, students will learn how to be critical readers. This is important in the university context because evaluating source texts for academic writing is common in various disciplines. The ability to read critically will enable students to (i) determine whether a given source text is an academic text, (ii) assess the reliability of evidence used in a given source text, and (iii) identify possible author bias in a given source text. Indeed, students, regardless of discipline, will need to assess the reliability and suitability of the source texts they approach during the research process of their academic writing. This workshop, as such, aims to equip students with the necessary critical reading skills for the purpose of sound academic research.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: All Students

SDW215: Speed Reading

The aim of this workshop is to teach students the techniques behind speed reading. Besides speed, students will learn to read for comprehension and retention.

Course Level: Intermediate

Target Participants: All Students

SDW217: Integrative Note-Taking

Reading is an essential part of the learning process. The challenge is to manage the time and amount of reading which leads to efficient and effective learning. Effective note-taking helps you to organise information and key concepts gathered from readings and lectures in a way that improves your higher order thinking skills in analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Given that you will have to make connections between different disciplines (i.e. interdisciplinarity; the intersections between Engineering and Business, for example) in your course of study at SUSS, this skill will enable you to:

  1. actively and quickly process and synthesize materials across different disciplines
  2. have a more diverse perspective on issues

In this workshop, you will learn how to take notes from reading and lectures using the Buzan Organic Study Technique (BOST®). You will explore traditional note-taking strategies as well as learn to transform them onto digital mobile platforms. Join us at this workshop and take a more active and creative approach to your study.

Course Level: Intermediate

Target Participants: All Students

Assessment Skills

SDW171: Using Library Resources in Your Written Assignments

Understanding assignment questions and finding credible sources to support your arguments are part of the process towards producing a well-written essay. Learn useful and practical strategies that will ensure you understand your assignment tasks accurately.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: All Students

SDW173: Strategic Revision Using Learning Outcomes

All courses offered at SUSS have specific learning outcomes in light of Bloom’s taxonomy.

In this workshop, you will learn how to strategise and maximise your exam revision efforts by unpacking the verbs in Blooms’ taxonomy.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: New & existing undergraduates only

SDW177: Academic Citation: What, How, Why

Academic citation is an integral part of Higher Education. Not only should you be familiar with the various citation styles available, you should also be able to cite accurately. This workshop takes you through two styles – namely APA and Chicago – that are most frequently used in SUSS. While there will be a strong focus on how to cite and reference different sources, you will also learn how to incorporate quotes or paraphrase them in your essay. More importantly, you will appreciate the importance of citation when it comes to academic research.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: All Students

SDW179: Levelling Up Presentation Slides Through Design

Inappropriately designed slides are a key contributor to "Death by PowerPoint" and, sometimes, could ruin a presentation.

In this workshop, participants will first examine some ineffective slides before delving into the theoretical foundations of how varoius visual elements, (e.g., text, imagery, white space, and colour) an dvisual principles (e.g., layout, contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity) influence the creation of presentation slides.

Through learning by thinking, making, doing, and reflecting, participants get to experience the art and science of effective slide design from scratch.

Note: This workshop is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their visual sensitivity. Due to time constraints, animation and motion will be excluded from this workshop.

Course Level: Introductory

Target Participants: Only undergraduates

SDW275 Learning Through Feedback

Feedback, both positive and negative, is essential for improvement in an academic setting.

In this workshop, you will learn how to utilise feedback more effectively by interpreting and applying feedback received on assignments. Additionally, through a hands-on practice of giving peer feedback, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the value of constructive feedback.

Course Level: Intermediate

Target Participants: New & existing students

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