Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates (GC) for Teaching & Curriculum Design

TLC will be offering two *Graduate Certificate (GC) courses:

  1. WSX551 Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners
  2. WSX552 Developing Courses for Adult Learners

*These courses are part of, and are parallel to, the Adult Learning Track of the Master in Boundary-Crossing Learning and Leadership (MBX) programme offered by IAL.

These courses offer a work-study platform for Associate Faculty to build their professional learning in the teaching of adult learners and writing of assessment (WSX551) and developing curriculum for adult learners (WSX552).

Taking an authentic problem solving approach, participants will explore concepts, principles and frameworks related to curriculum design, instruction and assessment for adult learners. Learning in these courses is facilitated by online activities and supported by a course supervisor and a employer-mentor.


For any enquiries regarding the WSX courses offered by TLC, please email us at