Faculty Learning Symposium 2020

Faculty Learning Symposium (FLS) 2020

Themed Re-imagining Assessment in a Post COVID-19 Applied and Digital World, FLS 2020 examined the acceleration of assessment practices in its adaptation and design in light of the pandemic, and revisited the purpose and nature of assessment practices beyond the pandemic. The Symposium also provided a forum to discuss the impacts of using digital technologies in assessments, and charting assessments practices to cater to interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary education to prepare students for the future workplace in a digitally connected world.

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... Melbourne Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan

Topic: Directions for assessment and credentialing in tertiary education

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... Associate Professor Phillip Dawson

Topic: Re-imagining assessment in higher education: Beyond restrictions and surveillance

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... Professor Kay Sambell PFHEA

Topic: Future Facing Assessment & Feedback Design

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Pre-Symposium Teaser Video: Future Facing Assessment and Feedback Design

Professor Sambell joined us via a video she specially prepared to share her thoughts on the ways we could rethink or reimagine assessment practices in higher education. Click on the play button below to view her video.

FLS 2020 Recording

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