Associate Faculty Champion Scheme

Associate Faculty Champion Scheme

The Associate Faculty Champion (AFC) Scheme was launched in 2012 to enhance the adoption of innovative pedagogical techniques, as well as, to build a repository of teaching and learning strategies that are suitable to SUSS to improve course delivery and to enhance student learning experience. These projects have yielded tangible initiatives and improvements at the course- and programme-level. Working closely with TLC faculty, the AFCs shape and implement their pedagogical innovation in their courses, to further improve course delivery and student learning.

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The Associate Faculty Champion Scheme (AFC) is open to SUSS Award for Teaching Excellence recipients or associates nominated by School Dean/ Director.

Application Procedure
  • Step 1: Download application form
  • Step 2: Complete as much as possible of the information required in the application form
  • Step 3: Email completed application form to
  • Step 4: TLC Faculty will work with you on fine-tuning your application, to be re-submitted
  • Step 5: TLC will seek endorsement from Deans of Schools/ Director CCPE
  • Step 6: Evaluation by other TLC faculty
  • Step 7: TLC will evaluate applications and consolidate the list of nominated AFCs for approval at the Teaching and Learning Committee meeting.
  • Step 8: Successful applications will be informed
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Past Projects


Name School Title of Project
Mr Menon Jesudas Emanuel NSHD Cardio Respiratory Fitness Assessment Kit for PE Teachers
Dr David Michael Matijasevich SHBS Facilitating self-reliance in learning
Mr Lee Thau Chian SBIZ ACC203e Managerial Accounting Flipped Classroom
Mr Mustafa Kamaludeen Amirudeen
@ Hj Amirudeen Hj M Kamaludeen
SST Incorporating a variety of strategies in teaching analog electronics concepts.


Name School Title of Project
Ms Ng Chia Hui SBIZ Strengthening application and critical thinking skills through active learning
Dr Acharya Udyavara Rajendra SST Collaborate Teaching and Learning of Biomedical Engineering Modules Using Basic IT Tools and Infrastructure Facilities


Name School Title of Project
Ms Ang Sin Sing SHBS Study on Students' Perception of Case Study Teaching Method and Lecture Teaching Method in two Public Relations Courses
Dr Tony Halim SBIZ Academic excellenceat SUSS through the use of social media and networking for learning and student engagement
Mr Tam Wvi Huat SST Effectiveness of authentic real world scenario-based problem solving on the ability of SUSS BEHAS students to master avionics systems design.


Name School Title of Project
Mr Yeo Beng Teck NSHD A study of the extent of reflection in an Action Learning course at SUSS
Ms Lily Lim SHBS Flipped Classroom: The student-driven model


Name School Title of Project
Ms Shireen Chitran NSHD Inculcating critical thinking in social work students
Dr Spandana Kanjula SBIZ Effective teaching and improved learning using the Interactive Model