MOE OER Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP)

The Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) is a research fund supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, and administered by the Education Research Funding Office (ERFPO) for all eligible education researchers in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Application process and templates

Every year, the Education Research Funding Programme Office (ERFPO) announces its Request for Proposals (RFP) to researchers from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). Applicants will go through two stages during their application:

  1. Internal review by the SUSS Evaluation Panel
  2. External reviews and recommendation/approval by the ERFPO

Applicants may refer to the Grant Call Documents in the ERFP Office page for more details.

The relevant documents are appended below:

  1. 29RFP ERFP Administrative Guidelines and Terms and Conditions for Applicants.pdf
  2. 29RFP ERFP Guidelines and Application Package (IHL).docx
  3. 29RFP Grant Call Document.pdf
  4. Grant Writing Workshop Flyer.pdf

29RFP ERFP Grant Call 2023

MOE has announced the 29RFP ERFP Grant Call. The relevant deadlines are as indicated in the table below. For the relevant Grant Call Documents, please access the ERFP Office page.



Action Party


29RFP ERFP Grant Call Announcement


03 Apr 2023


Applicants interested in attending the ERFPO's Grant Call Briefing Session, please register your attendance here

Interested Applicants

06 Apr 2023


Applicants interested in attending ERFPO's Grant Writing Workshop, please register your attendance here

Interestd Applicants

07 Apr 2023


Submission of information to TLC Grant Support at for creation of ROMS accounts

Interested Applicants to TLC

10 Apr 2023


ERFP Grant Call Briefing Session

Interested Applicants

11 Apr 2023, 3pm to 5pm


ERFP Grant Writing Workshop

Interested Applicants

12 Apr 2023, 1pm to 2pm


Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) to ERFPO via ROMS

Note: Late or incomplete submissions are not accepted. Lack of a submitted EOI will result in ERFPO disallowing submission of an application in the 29RFP.

Interested Applicants

19 Apr 2023, 5pm


Submission of proposals for SUSS Internal Evaluation

Interested Applicants to TLC

19 Apr 2023, 5pm


Final submission of revised proposals for SUSS endorsement

Interested Applicants to TLC

02 May 2023, 5pm


Submission of endorsed proposals through NIE ROMS

Applicants to NIE via ROMS#

05 May 2023, 5pm

Enquiries and Contacts

For any enquiries regarding ERFP grant-related support by TLC, please email us at