Ms Yap Aye Wee
Head of Learning and Organisation Development, OCBC

Aye Wee is born and bred in Singapore. A believer in the power of “why not?”, she traverses life with the passion of an intrepid adventurer. 

She has been teacher to rowdy kids with a prolific street vocabulary, donned the white chef uniform of a baker churning out Hong Kong pastries, and interviewed unsuccessfully to be one of the iconic Singapore Airlines stewardesses.

Her highest academic qualification is in triple English, a degree that many believe has dubious practical applications in the “real world”.

After her failed attempt to deliver inflight service even other airlines talk about, she went on nonetheless to carve out a 15-year career in Singapore Airlines, giving of her best in areas as diverse as Corporate Sales, Product Innovation and Loyalty Management. She made the leap into the banking industry 10 years ago and continues to be a misfit to this day – speaking aloud when she should be quiet, and challenging norms and status quo if she feels it should be done.  She has headed up Service Transformation, led a 400-strong team of dedicated Contact Centre professionals across Singapore and Malaysia, dabbled as a Data Protection Officer and is now Head of the OCBC Campus – the only Corporate City Campus in Singapore.  Here she continues to inspire and be inspired by her vibrant team, hell-bent on making a positive change to OCBC and to the world.

Topic: Building a Learning Organisation

How can an entire organisation learn together?  A learning organisation isn’t just about programmes or policies.  It’s a lot more.  Join Aye Wee as she recounts the OCBC experience in fostering a transformative organisational learning culture and shares what has worked and what hasn’t.