Ms Wong Shiow Pyng
Director, Digital Inclusion, Info-communications Media Development Authority

Ms Wong Shiow Pyng currently serves as the Director of Digital Inclusion Division at the Infocomm Media  Development Authority (IMDA).  She heads the development of Singapore’s digital inclusion initiatives which aim to bridge the digital divide and build digital readiness of Singapore citizens under the Singapore’s Smart Nation goal.  She is also leading the efforts in Analogue Switch Off community outreach to help Singapore households switch to digital TV. Previously, she was involved in conceptualising and implementing nation-wide projects including government computerisation programmes, industry development, Infocomm manpower development and the Asia Trustmark Alliance that facilitated cross-border recognition of trustmarks across several Asian jurisdictions.

An IT professional by training, she was previously involved with the system design and development of computer applications and database systems.  Ms Wong also developed and managed the industry training programmes such as “Intelligent Systems” for managers and “Knowledge Engineering” for IT professionals. She assumed the Chief Instructress role for the Third Country Training Programme for Intelligent Systems under the Japan-Singapore Artificial Intelligence collaboration where the centre offered capability building to developing countries.

Topic: Bridging the Digital Divide for an Empowered Smart Nation

As Singapore becomes increasingly connected through technology, it is important that no one is excluded from these benefits and opportunities provided in their day-to-day lives. This includes the more vulnerable segment such as seniors, low-income families and people with disabilities.  Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s digital readiness efforts aim to equip Singapore citizens to use technology actively, responsibly and confidently. IMDA’s programmes reach out to individuals, schools and communities across all ages. It provides them with access to technology, digital literacy skills and know-how, as well as the experiential opportunity to try their hands on a myriad of frontier technology to understand how they can impact the way citizens work, live, play and learn.

Ms Wong Shiow Pyng is the Director for Digital Inclusion at IMDA, and her division champions programmes that encourage seniors, low-income families and people with disabilities to embrace a digital lifestyle.  In her presentation, she will share how volunteers and organisations play a vital role in amplifying efforts and helping more Singaporeans adopt technology in the nation’s push to build an inclusive digital society. Participants will also learn valuable insights on one of the volunteer-led initiatives, Digital Clinics, and how they have helped thousands of seniors to participate and connect with others using technology.