Ms Winnie Lewis
Employer Consultancy, Employment & Employability, SG Enable

Winnie spearheads the Employer Consultancy team at SG Enable, which provides advisory and consultancy support to employers who want to move forward on workplace disability inclusive practices. The team works with employers to improve their disability inclusive practices and integrate persons with disabilities in their workplace.  A number of employers have been recognised for their inclusive hiring efforts at the 5th Enabling Employers Awards held earlier this year. Winnie is experienced in developing talent solutions for various diverse workforce segments and she is also an Associate Adult Educator (AAE) recognised by the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL).  Winnie believes that disability inclusive practices can be the bridge to deliver greater value in learning and productivity.

Topic: Champion Disability Inclusive Learning and Employment at your Workplace

The competition for effective talent solutioning is an imperative in today’s business context. Why should employers be concerned with disability inclusive employment? How can employers better position themselves to integrate and harness the talents of persons with disabilities?

This session will explore how workplace communities can benefit from the range of accommodations, assistive technology and job redesign, as well as support resources to enable employers to provide a workplace environment that supports lifelong learning as a way of life and better integration of talents with disabilities.

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