Ms Tai Siew Bee
Head, SATS Academy (Partnership), Human Capital, SATS Ltd.

Siew Bee joined SATS as the head of Human Capital Development in 2010, the juncture where SATS was just divested from SIA. She took up the challenge in building a learning culture in SATS. With her belief in the success formula of BE – DO – HAVE, she introduced visible physical changes to the environment, and various formal and informal learning initiatives to enable individual to be aware of learning opportunities and cultivate learning habits. She aspires to nurture a flourishing workplace where people learn and become more resilient, engaged, and productive.

Topic: SATS Journey in Building a Learning Culture

The success and reputation of SATS is powered by the ideas and passion of our employees. Our belief is that a better individual will definitely be a better employee. Hence, lifelong learning in SATS is not just about picking up skills for the workplace, our goal is to leverage on the work they do, the environment they are in, the things that they learn to allow them to not only become better in their work but empower them to become better individuals. When their lives grow, they will find greater sense of fulfilment and purpose and be able to bring this back to flourish the workplace to achieve even greater things for themselves and their teams. Apart from being able to apply their learning at the workplaces, their growth and empowerment as individuals will have a positive impact on their families and communities, including the suppliers, forwarders and individuals they are working with.

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