Ms Koo Hui Ying
Council Member, Ground-Up Initiative

Hui Ying is one of the Kampung Connectors at Ground-Up Initiative (GUI). Through her diploma in Tourism and Resort Management, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (Communication), she had received opportunities to work and volunteer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), TOUCH Community Services as well as Wildlife Reserves Singapore (Jurong Bird Park). Hui Ying’s experiences have resulted in her love for being in the act of service – thus leading her to GUI, a non-profit organisation set up to nurture creativity and risk-taking in future leaders. By connecting and involving people in nature through farming and woodworking activities, GUI aims to create a mindful connection for urban dwellers to explore and (re)connect through conscious living.

Currently, Hui Ying oversees Marketing & Communications, as well as Volunteer Management of the organisation.

Topic: Learning to Create a Sustainable Culture with Like-Minded Individuals

GUI has been continously striving to foster community togetherness and the sustenance of the self through various community initiatives over the past 11 years. In this talk, we explore our stories of building our 21st Century Kampung Culture through the Kampung Kampus – and showcase how we have harnessed the power of community to activate possibilities from the ground up. In this process, GUI has managed to cultivate the hearts and minds of the individuals through activities that encourage interaction and mindfulness – which we believe is needed for a sustainable future.  GUI will feature some of its learning projects/initiatives that are powered by volunteers, such as its Earth Oven Pizza workshops, Woody Space craft jamming sessions, as well as Community Woodworking in various neighbourhoods around Singapore.

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