Dr. Arthur Chia
Senior Researcher, Institute for Adult Learning (Centre for Work & Learning)

Arthur Chia’s research focuses on work and learning situated in organisational and societal contexts. His research aims to shape and inform conversations and expand the sociological imagination. Arthur’s research interests include anthropology of work and learning, professional education, globalization, technology, and governance.  He publishes on topics including education, work, and workplace learning, and collaborates with colleagues from other IAL departments by lending support and incorporating research insights into IAL’s programmes and development work.  He is an advocate of building informed, inclusive and diverse communities.

Topic: Tales from the Field: SME Innovation, Learning, and Organisational Culture

In this presentation, Arthur Chia will share some of the findings and insights from an IAL research project entitled “Innovative learning culture in SMEs”. He will discuss case studies from the elder care and advanced manufacturing sectors. The presentation seeks to highlight the interconnection between innovation, learning and organisational culture. It also aims to open up more questions than provide definitive answers, thus challenging some assumptions, beliefs, and conventional wisdom about innovation, work, learning, and SMEs.

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